Youtube Channel Custom Url Eligibility And Apply Process

Youtube Channel Custom Url Eligibility And Apply Process In Hindi : If you are a Youtuber and want to promote the YouTube channel, then after customizing the channel, the second task is to change the Custom URL.

Having Custom Url makes your channel link unique. If you share the channel’s url to any friends, then even seeing that the link of your channel looks unique. If someone also searches by the name of your channel, then your channel will start appearing in the search result.

There are some requirements of the account while creating a custom URL. If your channel follows the rules then you can easily create custom name of the channel (Set A Custom URL For Your Channel) can be changed.

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Youtube Channel Custom URL Eligibility – Ability to create custom link of the channel.

To change the URL of a YouTube channel, the following rules have to be followed. If you follow the policy of YouTube, then you will be able to change the URL in 1 minute.

(1.) Your channel should be 30 days old to change Custom Url.

(2.) Your channel should have at least 100 subscribers.

(3.) Profile icon should be uploaded on YouTube channel.

(4.) Youtube Channel should have a banner image.

(5.) Mobile number must be verified.

Custom URL Find : How to set custom URL?

of youtube channel Custom Link To change, first you have to go to Youtube Studio. To open youtube studio, you have to use the browser. If you want to change Custom Url from Android phone, then change Chrome Browser to Desktop version.

step 1

First of all go to the link of Youtube Studio. You can also open Youtube Studio by visiting Youtube.Com.

Step 2

On the next page, click on the option of Customization in the left menu Basic Info. Click on the option

Step 3

Click on Set A Custom URL For Your Channel at the bottom of this page.

Step 4

Now you have to select Custom Url. If the Url of your choice is not set, then you can set a custom URL by editing the box. Now you have to click on Confirm button.

In this way the URL of Youtube channel can be set.

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Remove Custom URL For Youtube : Remove Custom URL of Youtube channel like this.

step 1

To remove custom URL from YouTube channel, you have to open Youtube Studio on login to Youtube.Com. After going to YouTube Studio, click on the option of Customization in the left menu bar and click on the option of Basic Info.

Step 2

Youtube’s Custom Url will appear on the next page. Click the DELETE button below the custom URL.

Step 3

On the next page, click on the group icon below the About option.

Step 4

To delete the final url, click on Remove button. Now you will see that the URL of your YouTube channel has been completely deleted.

Benefits of setting the URL of Youtube Channel.

There are only advantages to setting up a YouTube channel.

By setting up YouTube channel, you can easily tell the Url to your friends.

By setting the url, your channel looks unique. By setting up a custom URL, the channel starts appearing in the search results.


In the post of website, I have told how to set custom URL of YouTube channel (Youtube Channel Custom Url Eligibility and Apply Process in Hindi). In this post I have also told that how you can remove the url of youtube.