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what is pi network Friends: Today we are going to talk about Pi coin of Pi network. Friends, if you are told that even without investment, you can earn some money in the future, then maybe you will find it funny, but Pi network is such a cryptomarket network in which you can earn a lot of money in future without investing a single penny.

Friends, in today’s time, the speed with which the trend of digital crypto currency is increasing, everyone wants to invest a little bit in this market. Although no clear guidelines have been issued regarding crypto currency in India yet, people are investing in it very fast. But if a law is made in India regarding its legality or it is regulated, then in the coming time there will be sky-rocketing boom in the crypto market.

So friends, read the complete information that I am going to give you today, if you miss the opportunity today, then you may not have to repent in future. Because in what I am going to tell you today, not a single penny is going to be spent on you and then who has seen the future. So let’s start first..

What is Pi network?

Friends what is bitcoin You must have known this. Similarly, the Pi network is a new cryptocurrency, which is mined via mobile. Cryptocurrency is a new form of digital money that is created and secured by a community rather than by governments or banks. There are two ways to earn any cryptocurrency, the first is to either buy it or find it (mine). Currently, a GPU miner is required to mine any currency, which is quite expensive. Whereas PI Coin is the first digital currency that can be mined by mobile, and there is no fee of any kind to mine it.

Who created the Pi Network?

Pi Network Stanford University California Created by a team of graduates of the United States of America, it is an effort to provide greater access to cryptocurrency to everyday people. Leading Pi’s Core Team Dr. Chengdiao Fan, computer scientist Dr. Nicholas Kokkalis All of which helped build Stanford’s blockchain network. This network was born on March 14, 2019. And today more than 10 million people have joined this network. This team says that they cannot guarantee the success of this project, but they are working hard to make this project a success.

What is the price of PI Coin?

Friends, the price of any coin is determined when it joins the mainnet ie exchange. Any coin has to go through two stages to join the exchange, then it gets included in the mainnet in the third stage. Right now PI Coin is in its second phase, as soon as this coin reaches the third phase it will be included in the exchange. Only after that the price of this coin will be determined. Right now this coin can neither be bought nor sold, it can only be mined through mobile.

How to earn PI Coin?

Friends, there is only one way to earn PI Coin and that is to mine. To mine this coin, you have to install its Android app. After that you will have to create your account, then activate the account by entering the referral code of PI Coin, only after which you can earn this coin.

Let’s start step by step how to do Pi coin mining?

Friends, first of all we have to install the app of PI Network, you can install this app by clicking on this link.

For Android Phone

for iphone

After installing the app, open it.

Verify by entering your mobile number.

After this you will be asked your name.

In the first name you have to enter your name and in the last name you have to enter the title.

for example my name Kuldeep Manohar is. so in first name Kuldeep and last name Lovely would write.

After this you will be asked PI Coin referral code. PI Coin in referral code supermanohar Write and click on Next.

Unless you PI Coin referral code You will not be able to start mining from this app until you do not use it.

PI Coin referral code = supermanohar

To start mining, you will see an energy icon on the right hand side, you have to click on it. Mining will start as soon as you click on this icon. After that you don’t have to do anything. You can also close this app. This app continues the mining process by operating in the background. See image below.

PI Coin mine

This process continues continuously for 24 hours, after which you have to open this app again and click on the mining button. Once you click on this button, the coins are automatically added to your account. The more people you add below you, your mining speed also increases and you can mine more and more coins in a day.

Pi network Role:

Pi has set four roles for the people who join its network. These rolls are helpful in increasing your mining speed. These four roles are as follows:…

  1. Pioneer Under this role, you have to do mining continuously for 3 days on this app. Once you click on the mining button, this mining continues for 24 hours continuously. After which you have to open the app again and click on the mining button. As soon as you keep mining going for 3 days, you complete this step.
  2. Contributor After mining for 3 days, you get the icon of security circle in the app. Click on which you have to complete the further process. To become a contributor, you have to add 3-5 people.
  3. Ambassador To become an ambassador, you have to add new members. According to the number of mining members you create, you get to mine 25% more pie coins.
  4. Node – This role has not yet been activated for the user in the Pie app. This feature is likely to be activated soon.

Features of Pi Coin:

Friends, the biggest feature of Pi Coin is that this coin can be mined from Android and iPhone. And the biggest feature of its mining app is that it consumes very little internet data to mine coins through this app, and the mobile battery is also spent negligibly. In today’s time there are around 10 million users of this app, whose number is increasing day by day.

How much can a pie coin cost:

Friends, no one can tell clearly how much this coin can cost. The price of any coin is known only after it is included in the exchange. What is the structure of the coin, how much is the transaction speed and fees, what will be its strategy regarding the future, etc. Many things determine the price of a coin.

Where would the use of the pie coin be?

Like all other cryptocurrencies, Pi Coin can be used for trading activities like buying goods online, paying for services, etc. anyway in today’s time

It is estimated that the pie will be used to buy goods and services or trade for profit, like other cryptocurrencies. Just like any currency is used. Unlike other currencies, it is a digital currency and will be used like cryptography to provide secure online transactions.

Can Pi Coin be a scam too?

It is very difficult to say this clearly, because till now no investment of any kind can be done in this coin nor can it be bought or sold. That’s why it is difficult to consider it a scam. I tried to know about this subject from many experts, so everyone has to say this, if you want to mine this coin then there is no harm in it. Many people even said that their data can be stolen by using this app. While no such incident has come to the fore so far.

If you are very cautious about your data information or keep very sensitive things in your mobile, then you can use your other such phone to mine this coin in which you do not do your very important activities.

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Friends, the purpose of this article is to give you information about Pi coin of PI Network. If you want to join this network, then by clicking on the link given above, you can download this app and do our code in referral. You cannot activate this app without PI Coin referral code because it is a network connected to a security chain.

PI Coin referral code = supermanohar

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