How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 11

How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 11

Windows 11 a new and very useful Operating System is. Which has now been made available in the market for all users. who have Windows 10 OS Tha they are getting this version for free upgrade.

Well leave it, I have come here to give information about Dark Mode, not about Windows 11. And I’ll tell you how to do this in Windows 11 Enable Dark Mode can do.

For this, you have to follow the procedure given below and you will be able to easily enable dark mode in your computer or laptop. Dark mode means working on the system in night mode. So that there is less damage to the eyes even in low light.

How to Activate Dark Mode Before I will tell you why we should use Dark Mode?

Benefits of Dark Mode – How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 11

If you spend a lot of time on the screen, then dark mode will prove to be good for you to sleep. Because, the dark theme of Windows 11 takes care of your eyes and provides good readability. The battery life of the laptop also gets longer. If you use desktop then less energy is consumed.

Meaning, apart from the health benefits, you also get power savings by using dark mode. You can also customize the dark theme according to you in Windows 11. And if you want, you can work with pre made themes.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 11?

,1 turn on the computer

first of all your turn on computer system is. For this just press the start button and wait till it boots up. The system takes some time to boot up. This time device and hardware May vary according to.

,2 go to settings

Click on Settings App from Start Menu

After turning on the computer / laptop, you will have to click the first button from the right side of the task bar ie Start Button to click on. Doing so will open the menu in front of you. from here you Settings App to click on. By doing this, all the settings of Windows 11 will be exposed in front of you.

,3 Personalization go to

Click on Personalization from Left Panel

Now in the right panel you will find Personalization Will be seen. You have to open the personalization settings of Windows by clicking on it. From here you can change your Windows background, wallpaper, theme, font etc.

,3 Color select

Click on Colors from Personalization Settings

After this, out of the options available in front of you, you will get the second number i.e. Colors have to select. To select it, just click on the button with colors present below the background. By doing this, the Colors settings will open in front of you.

,4 Enable Dark Mode do

Enable Dark Mode from Settings

Now you have reached the final stage. To enable dark mode, you have to select the first option i.e. “Choose your modeGo to the button next to ” and click on the down arrow appearing in front of Light. Doing so will open three options in front of you. From here youDarkClick on “. By doing this your screen will turn black and the letters will turn white.

You can also customize this dark theme as per your choice using the options given below.

what have you learned,

In this guide, I have given you information about how to enable dark mode in Windows 11. You know how to activate dark theme and what are the benefits of dark theme.

I hope you like this guide and find it useful for you.


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