5 Best Free PDF Converter Apps for Android

Best Free PDF Converter Apps for Android we face PDF Files happens from. These files are easy to send and convenient to read. any simple without any special font and technique android phone PDF files are opened in . But, editing these files is a bit difficult. If you are thinking of editing them on a smartphone then you have to third party software will have to depend on

We can convert any simple text file, invoice, receipt, form, business card, invitation letter etc. to PDF. In this format, invoices, receipts etc. are prepared in a neat and small size. Which is considered the safest and easiest way to share online.

If, you also want to prepare PDF files from your mobile phone or any paper file. PDF Converter If you want to convert to PDF with the help of PDF then these 5 PDF Converter will help you.

Best Free PDF Converter Apps for Android

  1. WPS Office
  2. Adobe Scan
  3. PDF Converter
  4. PDFelement
  5. PDF Converter: All File Converter

#1 WPS Office

The first name in our list comes from WPS Office App, which is a full office suite app. With the help of which smartphone users Word, Excel, powerpoint files can be created.

Apart from this, this app also provides many useful tools for PDF. With the help of which you can easily read any PDF file, convert any paper document to PDF, add signature to PDF file.

Apart from all these basic functions, you can also do PDF Splitting & Merging with the help of WPS Office. And can convert any office document (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) to PDF files.

The special thing about this app is that it is available absolutely free and can be downloaded from Play Store. The popularity of this app is given below.

Downloads – 100M+

Reviews – around 40 lakhs

Average Ratings – 4.5

#2 Adobe Scan

Adobe’s name alone is enough. All of you must have heard the name of this software maker company, because, its software has been very popular and useful. Photoshop, PDF Reader, Flash Player are its very popular software.

The PDF reader of the same company is available for the smartphone, whose name is – Adobe Scan,

With the help of this app, you can scan any paper document and convert it into PDF. You can scan and convert receipts, handwritten notes, documents, photos etc. to PDF and share it anywhere.

Adobe Scan also gives users special features to sort text written on documents. Through which you can separate the text written on the photo, document etc. and prepare its PDF file.

Downloads – 100M+

Reviews – more than 20 lakhs

Average Ratings – 4.6

#3 PDF Converter

A full-featured PDF converter is also available for you in the Play Store, which is not prepared by any well-known company. But, the work does more than that. The name of this app is – PDF Converter: Image to PDF.

With the help of this app, you can convert any photo to PDF for free. That is, you can call this app as Image to PDF Converter. Because, this app can convert almost every type of paper document to PDF. And also has the ability to convert digital files available in your smartphone to PDF.

PDF Converter App can convert your notes, invoices, forms, business cards, certificates, white boards etc. to PDF. Apart from this, you can also invert PDF files and it also provides free editing facility.

Downloads – 1M+

Reviews – about 17 thousand

Average Ratings – 4.6

#4 PDFelement

this popular mobile app Video Editor Filmora The maker company Wondershare has prepared. This is a freemium based app. That is, you will have to pay money for some of its features.

With the help of this app, you can create PDF files by signing them. You get basic features like PDF Editing, Reading, Annotating etc. for free. This app also allows you to export PDF files online in various file formats. That is, you can download a PDF file in Excel, Powerpoint, Word, E-Pub, HTML etc.

Downloads – 1M+

Reviews – about 6 thousand

Average Ratings – 3.4

#5 PDF Converter: All File Converter

If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use smartphone app, PDF Converter may be the right choice for you. Because, with the help of this app, you can convert any PDF document into formats like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, CAD, JPG etc.

Its OCR feature helps you scan any document and photo, due to which you are able to convert them to PDF.

Downloads – 1M+

Reviews – about 5 thousand

Average Ratings – 3.6

last point | Best Free PDF Converter Apps for Android

No work is difficult in this world, if the right way and tools are found. Keeping this in mind, we have told you the names of tools for preparing PDF files with the help of smartphone.

We hope that these tools will prove useful to you and you will like it. Now you can easily create PDF documents by installing any of the above apps on your smartphone. Do share your experience with us by commenting.


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